Chiropractic & Lymphatic System Collaborate Joint Healing

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The lymphatic system is unacknowledged warrior of immunity in us.

It circulates, 4 litres of intestinal fluids to inflamed area of the body, aids purification of blood and sends back pure blood to heart, through the thoracic duct.

The heart circulates 5 to 6 litres of blood in the whole body. Hence water and nutritional liquids are so important, as our cells are healthy only when water ratio in us is 74 % of blood in the body content.

Lymphatic system – heals swelling, cancer cells, edema, lymphedema, if we maintain sufficient Vitamin C, D, zinc, and Vitamin E. Natural, well-regulated methods of moving lymph are practising regular breathing techniques like Yogic Pranayams and exercise. If you’re not practising breathing techniques and exercises, lymph groups in the vessels inhibiting its function to carry the extra fluid away from affected tissues. This is why deep breath-work and exercise are so critical to a healthy immune system and affects the body’s capacity to heal.

Sometimes the lymph system gets overloaded with too much fluid. Lymphatic drainage can be aided through a massage where the therapist’s hands boost lymphangion action, improving the movement of lymph up to 20% more than normal, unaided lymphatic movement.

    • The best drainage system is the human body
    • The best cleaning system is our body
    • The best purifying system is our body
    • Best strength forming system is in our body
    • The best pharmacy is our body
    • Best blood factory is our body
    • Best energy factory is our body

Only, a human body is fit for self- realisation – it has supremely evolved consciousness.


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